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Geek wants you to level his WoW character – sort of


I just got proof I am not the dorkiest nerd on the planet. First I read this post and had no idea what he was talking about (other than the game WoW), so I went on to read the Craigslist posting and had even less of an idea what THAT guy was talking about, and then I decided that that was a good thing and that I still have a chance to de-nerdify myself and become a decent human being.

Retro iPhone mod


That’s pretty cool. Even though I hate the old colorful apple logo, nor do I have an iPhone, that’s still pretty cool.

The Torpedo Projector: You know, for kids


$149 and back ordered at BestBuy

Good god there website is awful
Please replace the linked text Product Page with Stupid Flash Web Site

Shitty navigation and if you hit the browser back button you get to watch the Flash load again. Oh joy!!!