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Everex’s gPC: A $199 PC with a half-baked “Google” OS


Wow. Wal-Mart, the epitome of contemporary capitalism, is stocking a PC running Linux, the epitome of contemporary communism. Does the ground feel cold to anyone else?

Lonely tonight? Try the soup!


I have to admit this leaves me speechless.

The online store selling this thing (aptly named “One Night Love Story”) is for real, I just checked it.

They have more disgusting stuff like this on their web site…

People claim Manhunt 2 will destroy Western Civilization


50 dollar M game would be a treat for a youngster…but I hardly spend that much on myself.

And you’re right, it’s much easier to find all sorts of pornography online than it is to download a game online. A Pirate’s job takes research and hours of waiting. A Pervert’s job takes 5 seconds on google search.