iLounge's 2008 iPod+iPhone Buyer's Guide takes me back, still looks good


Before I got involved in this wacky world of tech writing, I was a big fan of iLounge’s holiday buying guide. (I think they were still called iPodlounge back then.) The buying guide fairy is back and she brought a copy of the 2008 iPod+iPhone Buyer’s Guide with her. 120+ pages of alarmingly detailed information on everything iPod and iPhone related, from the devices proper to esoteric accessories.

I get zero dollars and zero cents from mentioning the guide, but it’s so thorough I figure a little word-of-mouth was required. There’s even a version specifically designed for the iPod Touch+iPhone. Unless you’re one of those anti-PDF militants, give the guide a gander.

iLounge Debuts the 2008 iPod + iPhone Buyers’ Guide [iLounge]