Slingbox Solo is like witchcraft to old folks


The Times’ David Pogue, who always comes across as an incredible nerd, is old. How old? Why, he’s so old, small things like the Slingbox Solo knock his socks off. What, it can transmit video from my home TV to my laptop halfway around the world? That’s insanity!

It can, and it’s not.

Pogue’s overview of the just-released Solo had to have been written with luddites in mind. Once you parse through all the hand-holding—high def signal use component cables, my Linksys router is giving me trouble—you’re left with very little.

If there’s a quick way to sum up his many, many words, it’s this: the Solo works splendidly for less money than previous models, though our very own Blake had some problems.

Once Upon a Time, There Was a Slingbox [New York Times]