Spidey-inspired anti-assault bracelet


Tired of being assaulted only to find your pepper spray is inaccessible? We know, it happens. Domonique Torrence knows, too, but he’s come up with a solution.

The “Spider-Man” bracelet is a pepper spraying bracelet inspired by Spidey’s web-slingers. (The comic book version, anyway.)

You wear it on your wrist and make the “thwip” motion with your fingers, and a spray of membrane-irritating liquid shoots out into your would-be attacker’s face.

The device will be available later this year for about $30, and will also have replaceable cartridges. Look for trashy celebutantes to bling theirs out, starting a trend worse than flip-flops.

‘Spider-Man’ Bracelet Shoots Pepper Spray From Wrist [Local6]