Verizon adds a metric ton of HD channels to FIOS


In just a little bit, we’re going to hear from Vince about his experiences with Time-Warner cable. Here in Seattle, we don’t have that as an option. I’m stuck with Comcast, for better or worse, but I sure do wish I had Verizon. Comcast has a handful of HD channels, and most of them are crap, (I swear I was watching something at 10 frames per second in “HD” last night,) while Verizon’s FIOS customers are soon getting 150 HD channels. One-hundred and fifty. I am so jealous.

Not only that, Vzn will be adding thousands of HD movies to its on-demand system.

This is all happening in the next year. Hopefully, with the support of the FCC, there will be more competition in the cable TV neighborhood and I can choo-choo-choose the provider I want. We can dream.

Verizon Plans Fivefold Increase in HD Channels on FiOS TV in 2008 [Press release]