Verizon changes service plans

Anyone using Verizon should take note that Verizon will be updating its plans and ToS agreement today, meaning you have something like 30 days to opt out of your contract should you want an iPhone bad enough. These new plans are better for the customer though (depending on how you look at it), with Mobile Web becoming free, data connections no longer using minutes, and all the voice plans are being renamed to “Nationwide Plans”.

Not all is well though in the land of Verizon. You’ll be chagred a $1.99 for using some data services, which includes downloading games, using Mobile Web or receiving/sending e-mail. Yes, $2 will be taken from you just for wanting to download Bejeweled. Oddly enough, VCAST music services and picture messaging will not trigger the charge.

Other add-ons to your current plan will be available as well. There’s a $15/mo deal for the VPak (unlimited video clip downloads), a $20/mo deal for unlimited texting and a $40/mo plan that gives you VPak, unlimited texting, VZ Navigator and mobile e-mail. If you need to call Canada, you can pay $20 extra a month in additional to the regular price of a Nationwide plan for unlimited calling. Not bad, not bad. Now all Verizon needs is a decent phone lineup and it’ll be solid.

Verizon Updates Plans, With Cheaper and More Confusing Data Services [Gearlog]