WiMax news plus a ridiculous, huge advertisement


The above image has nothing to do with the forthcoming news about Sprint’s WiMax network but I’d just like to point out the gigantic ad that made an unnecessary amount of noise and then stayed on the page I was on until I closed it manually. I wasn’t too hot on Symantec before but now it’s officially over between us.

Anyhoo, more news about Sprint’s impending WiMax rollout. Despite the recent departure of former CEO and WiMax promoter Gary Forsee, Sprint is planning on moving forward with WiMax and should have “soft launch” systems in place by December in Chicago and Washington, DC.

VP of Technology Development Ali Tabassi says that Sprint has “10,000 sites prepared for deployment” and that WiMax cards for personal computers would probably run around $60. That’s cheap compared to Wi-Fi cards, which apparently came out at around $200 when that technology was first being developed.

He also said that consumers would likely not have to endure a two-year contact to use the service because it’d be structured more like a traditional utility wherein people pay a month in advance. I, personally, am excited for WiMax and will probably subscribe right away, assuming the rates are competitive and I can get somewhat speedy Internet access. Comcast may control the streets, booze, utility poles, and rooftops in my city but thankfully they can’t control the airwaves.

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