Zubka launches Facebook app, widgets, white label versions

Zubka, which allows users get paid for referring jobs, has launched a facebook application which does more or less the same job as the web site. At the same time it’s also in the process of launching white and ‘brown’ label versions of Zubka which user groups, associations, any online communities can use to monetise their community. Zubka’s model is to enable anyone to refer job candidates at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment agency and search fees.

The startup is also launching a widget which, via a CPA model, will enable blogs to have a share of the placement fee when someone gets a job. Given that the average CPA is pretty pathetic, the prospect of getting about a grand if someone get’s a well-paid job because of clicking on your Zubka widget is a fairly tempting one. Indeed, if you believe Zubka, some some star referrers are making as much as £10,000 a month by making placements via the site. With that kind of incentive, if Zubka gets a small percentage of the Facebook population hooked in, it should do quite well.