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Would you run 26.2 miles without music?


Running is for cowards. I ain’t running nowhere. It amazes me that there is a large segment of the country that trains themselves to be able to run away the furthest and the fastest. We even give out Olympic medals for world’s fastest quitter.

Party report: Fuji spent a whole lotta money to promote the Finepix Z10fd

Dan H.

Oh man, I was at this party and couldn’t get past the first band. What the hell were they called? Monocule? Next time get Okkervil River.

Plus, everyone there was in high school. And I was supposed to be on the VIP list but they screwed up. Wahhh! Wahhh! Wahh!

Microsoft stabs at Mandriva; Mandriva responds


What a whiner! That Francois guy obviously is not aware of how business works in the REAL world. He should be glad he is still getting paid for his Mandriva boxes and that Nigeria didn’t pull the whole deal out from under his feet completely! Also, they could have just done it without telling him, the boxes are their property and they can install whatever they want, Windows, Ubuntu, or some patched Mac OS X Leopard!

Competition and business like this is not unusual and MOST CERTAINLY not limited to companies such as Microsoft. Sure, it’s easy to always blame the big guy, especially with people from the Linux community who love to hate Microsoft and who read this story and drink the Koolaid and feel bad for poor little Francois who got his 17,000 Mandriva boxes reformatted with Windows. Boohoo.