University of Oregon gives RIAA the big F U


Even though I loathe the University of Oregon, I must commend them when it’s deemed appropriate. This just happens to be one of the few times I’ve ever said anything nice about the Ducks. BTW- Civil War is going to be ours again this year.

So, anyways, the Ducks have filed a motion to overturn a RIAA subpoena demanding the University hand over student identities in what’s believed to be the first of its kind with the support of the AG. The University can not identify individuals because most of them are in double occupancy rooms and the University has no way of knowing if it was either of the occupants or a guest. The AG says the RIAA’s subpoena is unduly burdensome and overbroad. Awesome. The AG goes on to say that the University is not obligated to investigate the alleged pirates because it doesn’t fall under Rule 45. Way to find that loophole, Ducks.

U.of Oregon Says No to RIAA [/.]