New Sony UX model available, comes with nice extras


Sony’s released a new model to its “Micro PC” line in the $2499 VGN-UX490N/C. Upgrades over the previous UX390 include a Core 2 Solo processor, 48GB SSD flash drive, the inclusion of an extended battery along with the standard battery, and a Bluetooth GPS receiver.

Other features include 2-built in cameras, wireless WAN (EDGE), 1GB RAM (not expandable), and a 4.5-inch touch screen (1024×600 resolution).

Alone, the GPS receiver and extended battery would cost an additional $500 so the fact that this new system costs only $150 more than the UX390 (which doesn’t include an extended battery or GPS unit) makes for a pretty good deal.  

VAIO UX490 (finally) announced and on sale [Micro PC Talk] via Mobility Today