Idle hands: Play Xbox Live using your cellphone's data connection


When you live in the middle of nowhere it pays to be resourceful, like Tom Hanks was in “Cast Away.” Now, let’s imagine Hanks was in the middle of rural America and couldn’t get an affordable broadband connection. What to do? You turn to your cellphone, of course. One guy recently opined on how he managed to connect his Xbox 360 to Xbox Live using nothing more than a Samsung Blackjack on AT&T and Windows Internet Connection Sharing. (I did a similar thing with my laptop and Xbox 1 a few years ago, using the laptop as a bridge to my wireless router… to have free time again…)

Apparently the setup worked splendidly. The guy was able to connect 10 360s to his cellphone’s Internet connection and order pizza at the same time. That’s entertainment!

HowTo: Play on XBOX Live thru your Windows Mobile cell phone [The Hushed Casket via Xbox-Scene]