Lonely Nerd's Guide to the Galaxy

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Apparently, some of you nerds out there are having a hard time getting laid. Not me. I have many methods of tricking my internet date into having sex with me. Anyways, here’s an article that covers 25 vacation destinations where a nerd can get laid without the trickery and drugs. Christina Laun (a real life female!) covers events like Comic-Con, MacWorld, Dragon Con, Galactricruise and many more. She even goes into detail about why your chances of getting some action are increased at these exotic locations. My personal favorite is Star Trek Vegas Convention. There is absolutely no way you’re getting laid here unless you’re some kind of magician or something. If you somehow pull it off, you should seriously receive some sort of award.

Top 25 Vacation Destinations Where a Nerd Can Get Laid [Airline CC]