PCs losing favor in Japan to cellphones, other small devices


If we generally look to the Japanese to see where electronics is heading, then my days of typing out these posts on a computer may soon be over. PC shipments have fallen five quarters in a row and analysts are now wondering out loud if PCs have a future in Japan at all, having been replaced by smaller devices that accomplish similar tasks. Why use Safari on a MacBook when you can whip out your iPhone and do the same thing?

The AP featured the story of one college-bound Japanese student who lists headphones, a new video game console and a metric ton of ramen as wants—notice the lack of a PC. For the price, the kid says, PCs aren’t worth it.

Let’s not forget that Japanese cellphones can do a heck of a lot more than our V-Cast OMG RINGTONEZ cellphones.

I don’t know about you, but you can pry my iMac from my cold dead hands. That’s after I wipe Leopard from the main drive since it’s given me nothing but problems.

PCs Losing Their Relevance in Japan [AP/Yahoo