Xbox gets family-friendly, kinda boring

familyplaying.jpgIn an effort to bring families together and unify them under a strong head of household, as God intended, Microsoft is going to be introducing some family-friendly games to the Xbox lineup, as well as ramping up marketing of the console as being a “family connector”. Nintendo is already there, I’ve seen the elderly and infirm play Wii for hours and have a great time. Getting gramps to go up against you in Halo 3 will be trickier, thus the new games and new marketing direction.

Will it work? We think so. Microsoft knows how to market itself well, and if it really wants to go knee-to-knee with the Wii, it’s really what has to happen. Microsoft started with the Xbox Arcade edition, the first Xbox for non-hardcore game dudes. Take, for example, the currently available movie version of Scene It?, the totally annoying formerly DVD-based game. Think of it really as a high-tech update to the 80s “Game Night” many families took part in.

Truthfully, the only family-oriented aspect I want with my Xbox is Big Daddy and Little Sister. Can I get a “word up!” on that?

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