GeekBrief.TV #253

Today we learned the Gphone is an alliance committed to building a new open platform that just might result in the phones of our dreams. Bug Labs is releasing a build-your-own gadget system called BUG. It starts with the BUGbase, a small, fully programmable Linux computer that can be expanded with a set of hardware add-ons and an open-source development platform. I founded the Geek Intelligence Agency, so obviously I’m a James Bond fan. James Bond Ultimate Collector’s Set is about to be released and it includes all 21 films and 21 discs filled with extras.  Did you know Google Docs now works in Safari? Not many people seem to be talking about it. If you ever wanted to predict the weather in your backyard, I’ve got the gadget for you! I end the episode with an A/B look at the movie Serenity on our sub-$100 HD-DVD player.