Microsoft wants to keep Xbox 360 around for a while

If Microsoft has its way, you’ll still be happily playing your Xbox 360 into the next decade.

Mindy Mount, CFO of Microsoft’s entertainment division, wants to buck the traditional five-year shelf life trend when it comes to her company’s current console, hoping that it’ll perform similarly to the PS2 which has remained popular for the last seven years.

According to Reuters, “Mount said features such as high-definition graphics make new machines attractive when compared against older hardware, but hinted that she sees less need to rush out an all-new console.”

That’s a very nice thought. I bet that we see new consoles four years or so from now anyway, though. Microsoft enjoyed a reasonable amount of success by beating Sony and Nintendo to the punch by an entire year. It’d be foolish to just sit back and let itself get pantsed by the next generation of new consoles.

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