Saving gadgets from the garbage dump and creating art


If it were up to me, I’d take all of my non-functioning gadgets, excluding my iMac, which I’m about to dump into Long Island Sound (Leopard eats it, I swear), and put them on a boat. Then I’d take this boat out into the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Then I’d sink the boat halfway. Then I’d cover the water with oil and light it on fire.

But not everyone wants to do that, I know. That includes Ann Smith, who takes old, ne’er to be used again gadgets and turns them into art. She pieces together cogs and cranks and washers and wires, the results of which can be seen at the DeCordova Museum in Massachusetts and the Cog & Pearl boutique in Brooooooklyyyyyn.

Tossed-Out Electronics Are Reincarnated as Stop-Mo Animal Bots [Wired]