$100 laptop goes into mass production five years after announcement

AP image

Five years after it was announced, mass production of the One Laptop Per Child/XO laptop/thisweeksnewname laptop has finally started. The laptop, which was originally promoted as a $100 computer that would change education in the developing world, now costs around $188. Uruguay purchased 100,000 laptops last month, much to the chagrin of its mortal enemy Swaziland.

Would you Give 1 [to] Get 1 for a free year of hotspot access? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t, mainly because I can’t be bothered with charity work. It’s thankless.

Those third world kids are in for a real treat if they think the Internet is educational. It has devolved into a collection of lolcatz, porn and lolcatz porn.

‘$100 laptop’ begins production [BBC News]