Ben Worthen of the WSJ: "Android will lead to the meltdown of corporate America; communism, alternate religions to follow"


The gPhone is definitely creating a series of aftershocks in the journalism world. Two days after the big announcement, people are still talking, and it’s not all good.

Even the stuffy WSJ gets into the act, calling the gPhone Android a tech nightmare waiting to happen. The argument goes that all this open source nonsense will raise unseen security risks in secure environments of many corporations. Never mind that most cellphones these days have a camera, the Android phones have open source software, which means that anyone can write code for it. Panic!

This is also the reason why there are exactly zero Fortune 500 companies using Linux in a business environment. Oh, wait, many, many F500 companies use Linux? Even though it’s open source and anyone can write programs for it? Oh, wait, that’s its strength?

Well color me retarded.

Far be it from me to give a sideways glance to anyone from the WSJ, but what they’re basically saying is that open source isn’t the problem, it’s that these phones aren’t locked down; an unwitting pawn could be made of some poor fool who downloads the wrong program.

Obviously, this new threat to corporate security should send every IT manager running for the hills. People should use closed source OSes for everything, because we all know that these types of systems, like Windows, are far too secure to let people accidentally install and execute malicious code, like spy-ware or ad-ware. Wouldn’t happen in a million years.