Call of Duty 4 is a hit

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To say the least, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is different than any of the previous installments in the series. It doesn’t take place during a World War, the story doesn’t necessary tell a good vs. evil tale and most of the fire fights take place in the Middle East. So, does COD4 standout in the world of FPS giants like BioShock and Halo? Yes, it does. The game received a 10/10 rating from XBOX Magazine, 9.0 on GameSpot, 9.5 on 1UP and 9.4 on IGN. The list goes on- I have yet to read a bad review. Apparently the one big complaint is surrounding the games single-player campaign, which is said to be too short. My friend and I started last night on Veteran and died over 10 times in the 3rd level. Problem solved. Turning up the difficulty= longer single-player campaign. Plus, it makes the game that much more intense. Hit the links to read the full review.