Best Buy handles blank disks in "Call of Duty 4" with grace, gift cards


If you pick up the much touted Call of Duty 4, you might want to open it as soon as you buy it. No, not that you’ll get much use of it in the store, but because there are scattered reports of some boxes containing blank Philips disks instead of the game disks. These were from factory-sealed boxes from Best Buy.

Consumerist has the scoop, but in a nutshell a kid buys the game, his friend opens it in the car, laughing. They go back and Best Buy gives him a gift card for the exact amount of the game (it was their last copy). The only problem was when some Geek Squad nerd implied it was a scam on the part of the consumer. Jerk.

The point is, we’ve been hearing lots of stories of people getting blank disks or even rocks instead of games, movies or iPods. Check it out when you’re there, as not all stores are going to be as cool to you as Best Buy was to this gamer.

Blank Discs Inside Call Of Duty 4 At Best Buy? Better Open Them In The Store [Consumerist]