Developers hard at work on Leopard fix


I’ve held off on upgrading my MacBook to Leopard because I know things are bound to go wrong the first time through. I’m in no rush and I certainly don’t want to get a headache over this when I don’t really need to. But Apple has called upon its developer community to QA its first maintenance release; OS X 10.5.1 build 9B13, which is 267MB. The bugs being addressed include issues with firewalls, spotlight indexing, iCal syncing, keychain login and text drawing corruption as well as fixes for the wide variety of issues related to the e-mail client. Apple has asked developers to pay attention to Time Machine, Mail, iCal, Back To My Mac, Bonjour, AirPort, Finder, networking and gaming graphics. Build 9B13 is expected to be released in a few weeks.

First builds of Mac OS X 10.5.1 pack over two dozen fixes [Apple Insider]