Sprint to 'deliver better customer experience'

Now on to what I find to be a big waste of time and money. Sprint will be giving each new customer a welcome call. Howsabout just thanking me at the store or when I call up to activate my service? According to Sprint, this will be done in order to “welcome the customer to Sprint, thank the customer for his or her business, ensure the customer feels fully informed about the product and/or plan chosen, about coverage and answer any questions.” That stuff should all be handled at the time of the sale.

Along those same lines, during the first six months of your contract, Sprint will monitor your voice and data usage and call you the first time you’ve “incurred significant excess voice, text, or data overage charges” and recommend a new plan for you. So basically, they’ll wait to give you a call until after you’ve racked up a bunch of overage charges. Again, thanks a pantload.

I’d hate to be the person that has to make that call. “Hey, I’ve been watching you make all your calls for the last few months and I noticed you went over on your minutes two weeks ago. Just thought I’d give you a call now that you’ve incurred all these charges to see what you’d think about switching to a more expensive plan!”

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