Sony brass thinks Blu-ray vs HD DVD is a 'stalemate'

Howard Stringer (Sony Corp. CEO) says that Blu-ray and HD DVD are in a stalemate. He has to say that, though.

I’ve stayed out of the debate since it started because, as a consumer, I don’t care who wins. I care about how much it’s going to cost me versus how much benefit I’ll get out of it. As it stands right now, I wouldn’t buy a Blu-ray player for $450 when it’s clear that the HD DVD camp is trying much harder to win my business. Both Blu-ray and HD DVD do high definition. Everything else comes down to price.

Paramount pictures jumped from the Blu-ray ship to the HD DVD ship (exclusively) in August. That’s kind of a big deal. The Blu-ray camp is going to have to start cutting hardware prices soon or else. You can’t sell someone on a DVD player that costs more than twice as much as a competing device that basically does the exact same thing as far as most of your average consumers are concerned.

Sony CEO sees ‘stalemate’ in disc fight [AP/Yahoo! News]