YouTube unwraps multiple file uploader, 1GB size limit


Ah, that’s nice. YouTube users will now be able to download and install software that allows them the ability to upload multiple files at once — Windows-based YouTube users, that is (Mac version coming soon) — but more importantly in my eyes is the new video file size limitation. It’s gone from 100MB to 1GB.

The length of your videos is still capped at 10 minutes but you can say goodbye to the days when your rendered video ended up being 110MB and you had to render it all over again. I don’t know why but for some reason that happened to me all the time. Might this also be a sign that YouTube is getting ready to start using higher-quality videos? That’d be real nice since the ones up there now are all compressed at 320×240 and then blown up a bit.  

Multi-Video Upload Arrives [YouTube Blog] via Read/WriteWeb