Rumor: Google to acquire Sprint, a bad case of dandruff, some flatware

sprint.gifHrmmm… so they’re saying that Google will buy Sprint. While this is as likely as the Pope buying up a chain of dry cleaners in Wisconsin, there might just be some truth to this wild, inaccurate rumor.

Some guy who covers the space says:

So do I think Google will make such an acquisition? Maybe. If the search leader is going to bid on wireless spectrum it may make more sense to just buy a service provider and rapidly accelerate their mobile initiatives. If they were to make this purchase, I would see them rapidly rolling out free service or at least heavily-subsidized service and making life extremely difficult for the likes of AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

He also goes on to point out that acquiring Sprint would definitely make Google as evil as satan, especially considering how evil carriers are on the whole. I’ve been sucking at the predictions game recently, but this does not look like a bold move for Google.

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