Huddle wins $4m from Eden Ventures

In a clear signal that the principles of Web 2.0 are entering the work space, Huddle, a UK ‘enterprise 2.0’ startup, has raised $4m in a Series A funding round from VCs Eden Ventures to expand the team, increase marketing and generally amp-up their game. Eden Ventures has previously invested in Reevoo and Truphone. Ben Tompkins, Partner at Eden Ventures commented in a release: “Huddle has integrated secure team workspaces into social networking platform that is intelligent, easy to use, and satisfies the security and management requirements of any global IT department.” Huddle only launched 6 months ago but says it has averaged a 25% growth in new users per month. Clients so far include Edelman, Jazeera Airways, John Lewis, Reuters and UNICEF. If you have used Basecamp, you’ll be aware that collaborative workspaces could be done so much better, and Huddle certainly has a product which would give a lot of corporate systems a run for their money for considerably less cost because it is light-weight collaboration on the Web.