One Laptop Per Child stings you with shipping

Watch out, kid. OLPC is gunning for you.

Wait a minute, people. I know babies need their laptops, but the OLPC program is charging $24.95 for shipping. In fact, ZDNet blogger Larry Dignan got “hit” with the shipping charge, leading to mass hysteria over at the old Dignan house while daddy Dignan raged through the basement looking for his hidden whiskey and meth while Mrs. Dignan and the kids hid in a closet upstairs. The absolute nerve of some people, charging $24.95 for two $200 laptops, one of which goes to needy kids overseas. I’ll tell you what: let’s boycott those snakes and crooks over at OLPC and make our own Windows-based OLPC called the VUOLPCPCH2KBRATWGFS (Vista Ultimate One Laptop Per Child Provided that Child Has $2000 But Rest Assured They Will Get Free Shipping). That’ll stick it to those dirtbags.

Buying the XO laptop: The shipping may sting [ZDNet]