Xbox 360 to get $15 downloadable Xbox games


I own a Wii. I like it. I wish there were better games for it, though. And I wish it did more "stuff" like the Xbox 360 does. As a matter of fact, I may very well be on the verge of purchasing an Xbox 360, albeit unknowingly. If the right deal comes along — like if I could get it for $100 from — I’m almost positive I’d pull the trigger.

An upcoming update set to be pushed out on December 4th will allow users to purchase old Xbox games for $15 apiece. Halo will be one of the first games available, along with Fable, Crimson Skies: Road to Revenge, and Burnout 3. Add this feature to HD movie and TV show downloads, upcoming IPTV support, and all the other current features and I might just be left with no choice but to pick one up.

Xbox 360 Fall Update to Bring Downloadable Xbox Games []