ZeroHouse concept: totally self-sufficient for a cleaner environment


ZeroHouse represents an effort to have a house “go green.” Conceptually, at least. Solar panels generate electricity that can last up to one week, provided you live in an area with sufficient sunlight. Gravity pumps replace traditional electrical pumps, sending 2,700 gallons all over the house from bathroom to kitchen to water slide room. ZeroHouse is so green that it doesn’t even bother with florescent lights; it uses LEDs that last up to 100,000 hours before needing to be replaced.

It’s more or less the house of tomorrow, except that it only exists on paper—recyclable paper.

How much of a jerk does it make me to say that I don’t necessarily care about global warming or being friendly toward the environment? I mean, I’m no Captain Pollution, it’s just one of those things that unless I tangible results from me using LEDs, why bother? To help Future People whom I don’t know?

ZeroHouse via Yanko Design