Apartment dweller: 'The letter forcing me to switch to Comcast is tantamount to an eviction notice'


Wow. This guy really doesn’t like Comcast . I’m certainly not going to be asking Comcast to the Prom anytime soon but this guy is planning on moving out of his apartment thanks to a notice sent to the tenants in his building saying that Comcast will be the only ISP available starting January 1st.

I can sympathize. Comcast is my only option where I live too. It’s a bad feeling. I pay $120 per month (TV and Internet) for what I consider to be $70-$80 worth of value. The rest is just arbitrary rental fees and surcharges, like having to pay $6 to activate each cable outlet inside my own home that I want to use and another $8 per month for each cable box I have no choice but to use on every TV.

This kind of stuff is exactly what the FCC is trying to prevent — exclusivity agreements for apartment complexes. However the author of the post says, "I don’t hold out much hope that the FCC is going to come to my rescue. Which is why I’m looking to form a Verizon FIOS household (or apartment) with a few other community activists."

See that, for me, is where I draw the line. Living with strangers just so I can get fiberoptic service? I’m gonna pass on that one but I applaud your convictions, kind sir.

You’re Switching My Apartment to Comcast? I’m Moving Out [PC World blogs]