Again, Chumby really is the bees knees

From this Flickr set

With every Chumby piece I read, the desire to whip out my credit card increases in kind. Bits bought a Chumby—it’s not a review unit, in other words—and gave it the thumbs up. Chumby, if you’re not aware, is a sort of Internet-connected alarm clock with a 3.5-inch touchscreen that’s used to display widgets, like the weather, news, photos, etc. It’s one of the few gadgets I’ve read about of late that, like I said, I’d be willing to buy. (Christmas, maybe? Come on, Santa!)

Some caveats: the touchscreen isn’t as responsive as the iPhone, the fonts are a little on the small side and some widgets cycle by a little too fast to be reasonably readable.

I may start one of those Web sites where I sell pixels for 10 cents each, all with the aim of having that Linux-powered bean bag on my desk.

A Night With Chumby [Bits/New York Times]