PhoTrade Offers Ad Supported Photo Syndication

photrade.jpgNew service Photrade offers an ad supported photo syndication service that brings photo monetization to a broader audience.

The concept is simple enough and we’ve seen parts of Photrade in other services. Users upload their photos Flickr style then are presented with a variety of options. Like CafePress they can offer T-Shirts and similar items with the photo printed on the said item at a price determined by the user. Where it differs is with the ability to offer digital rights management as well, complete with syndication options. Rights to use a photo can be sold, or can be offered as a embed that comes with an overlaid adsense style ad unit. This provides a CPM revenue stream (you’re paid on how many times your photo is shown) whilst also providing a legal low cost alternative for websites seeking legal quality images. Watermarking support is also available.

Jeremy Schoemaker caught up with the company recently and shot the below video. The site is currently in closed beta and should be opening up to general applications in the new year.