Three new Sprint phones available November 23rd


Take a dump in a bucket and call me Chad Pennington. With all the hoopla surrounding Black Friday, I lost sight of the fact that it’s a day from tomorrow. I’ll be in Florida stuffing stuffing into my ponch by this time next week. How do you like that?

Anyway, next Friday there will be three new Sprint phones.

First there’s the Motorola Q9C, which only looks marginally less uncool than the Motorola Q I use on a daily basis if, by "daily basis" you mean it sits on my desk losing its charge. It’ll cost $149 with 2-year contract and you’ll only be able to get it online at first.

In the stores, you’ll be able to pick up the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 for $199 with contract and the Motorola i335 (Nextel) for $50 with contract and after rebates.

Sprint’s holiday smartphone bonanza drops on November 23 [Crave]