Vanity Fair tells us why gadgets are cool, Jobs is king (for now)


If you have a solid 10 minutes of free time this morning, then I highly suggest you swing on over to Vanity Fair. There you’ll find “Generals, Gadgets and Guerillas,” a four-page, professionally written (not some dumb rant) on the concept of gadget culture. What is a gadget? Why makes them cool? How did Steve Jobs manage to corner the gadget market with his iPod and iPhone? Why is content no longer king? (Because we steal content and gadget makers benefit from this theft.) And a little something on Android, the brains behind the Google Phone.

Lots of fun stuff for everyone. Honestly, give it a read, if for no other reason than to see mainstream press analyze gadgets and the related culture to a dizzying degree.

Generals, Gadgets, and Guerrillas [Vanity Fair]