Amazon e-book reader coming Monday


Come Monday, it’ll be all right. That’s when Amazon’s e-book reader (tentatively called "Kindle") will be announced at the W Hotel in New York.

It’ll supposedly cost $399, which means those of us who read casually will be stuck with paper books for another however-many years until an affordable feature-rich e-book reader gets released.

The reader will be able to download books directly from Amazon via a Wi-Fi connection and "Amazon has reportedly signed into a deal with Sprint for EVDO access." The EVDO angle is interesting. If you have to pay a monthly charge to use the EVDO, it’s not going to be used all that much. However if Amazon foots the bill for the connection (since it’ll be used to purchase stuff),  it could make for an intriguing feature.

Amazon to debut Kindle e-book reader Monday [CNET]