Exploit makes iPhone a Spyphone*


Now this is scary. That iPhone in your pocket just might be your worst enemy. Ultranerd Rik Farrow, at the behest of Fast Company, has discovered a way to trick iPhone users into downloading malware to the handset. The application then allows the owner of the app to own the phone, and allows them to also intercept any text, email, or voice conversation you have.

Thus your iPhone becomes a Spyphone. Those who’ve downloaded the 1.1.2 patch are OK, but those buying new phones are susceptible and should upgrade as soon as they get the chance.

The exploit can be downloaded via a phishing link in Safari, or via a “middle man” attack, tricking the iPhone user into thinking they’re using a safe Wi-Fi access point, when really it’s an ad-hoc connection pushing the software. Look out, friends.

Hacking the iPhone [Fast Company, via TechCrunch]

*Only pun in this story