For non-chefs: Jennie-O turkies are cooked in a bag, no thawing required


How many of you know how to cook? Like, if need be, you’d be able to whip out a full-course Thanksgiving meal for your family? If you can’t—I certainly couldn’t; we’d be eating Cap’n Crunch—then have a look at the Jennie-O oven-ready turkey. It’s a full-sized turkey in a bag that you stick in the oven with no preparation. There’s no thawing, no, um, other things… Really, you open the package, slice a couple holes in the “fool-proof” bag and throw it in the oven. That’s it. Within a few hours, you’re eating a not-too-bad turkey. Maybe the skin’s a little salty, says yumsugar, but the convenience of being able to “set it and forget it” is too great to ignore.

This turkey retails for $57 (is that how much turkeys cost?) on the Jennie-O Web site. If I were a brave man, I’d get one and do a review for CG, but I’d probably start a grease fire. Yes, a grease fire without even turning on the stove.

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