Google spending cash on 700MHz spectrum for sure, says WSJ

google_wireless.JPGApparently not content to sit on the sidelines and let the carriers and handset makers have fun with its Android, Google is making a $4.6 Billion bid for a large chunk of the 700MHz spectrum at FCC auction in January.

This has been rumored, but the WSJ is saying it’s a done deal, the bid is in the works.

The question, of course, is what is the Goog going to do with this big block of bandwidth? If its preparing to function as a wireless carrier, why shop Android around to future rivals? Is Wi-Fi not good enough, meaning is it planning on a distributed wireless data network? is it just making sure the devils from Redmond don’t get their hands on it? Perhaps a little of all of the above?

We’re not sure, and we won’t know for awhile yet. That being said, it’s an interesting move and something to watch; a Google -branded, nationwide, free wireless data network now sounds more than plausible, it sounds likely.

Google on track to buy wireless spectrum and set up a mobile network [The Guardian UK]