Jolly Vader: Star Wars Xmas ornaments look awesome


Hey Mom. i know you read my posts to check up an me, to make sure I haven’t slipped into a heroin-induced coma behind some bathhouse somewhere, but this is the first time I’ve addressed you directly.

You see, Xmas is coming. And you always ask me what I want, and I always shrug, and I always end up with a sweater that doesn’t fit. (an aside: when did you start buying them too small? They fit for a year or two there.)

But this time I’ve found something. They’re too kitchy for me to ever get them for myself, but I’m full of want. Star Wars embroidered Xmas tree ornaments. These are fantastic.

Now, you know me. i’m not a fan of Xmas so much. I spell it with an “X”. So these could fit nicely on your tree, see, and remind you of yours truly. Then you’d know I’ll be there for Xmas just so I can see them.

They come in a handsome set of 10, and you can get them at Etsy. You still want that iPod case, right?

Star Wars ornaments [Product page, via Popgadget]