NBC finally recognizes that the Internet will kill traditional TV


There’s almost no point to writing this simply since us heavy Internet users are already “in the know.” But… “Video has been liberated” from the TV set, says one of many presidents at NBC Universal. (The same NBC Universal that said it wasn’t making enough money off iTunes, then turned around and gave away plenty of video on Hulu.) In order to keep us watching—nowhere do I see any mention of substandard TV writing as why people have turned away—they’ve devised all sorts of clever tricks, like “Webisodes” and other in-your-face shows methods designed to get us watching.

Every person in the media I speak to tells me the same thing: these big companies like NBC and Co. have zero idea of what’s going on “out there,” meaning on our computer monitors. How about this: many of us simply no longer want anything to do with “Average Predictable Sitcom With Phony Dialogue” or “Reality TV Show Seven Million.” You’ve already lost us.

Web Videos Stealing TV Viewers, and Marketers [New York Times]