Bunny lovin' board shorts


I know it’s winter, but I can still think about 80 degree water and peeling left point breaks. I’m pretty picky about board shorts because the cheap-o kind from Wal Mart or uber expensive POS from Abercrombie will make you chafe or give you a crazy rash. Why? Because they don’t know diddly about making proper board shorts. You want a pair that stretches a bit and moves with your body and doesn’t have seams all over the place on the inside. Your skin gets easily irritated and salt water doesn’t feel too good on open wounds. I’ll step down from my soap box now since it has nothing to do with the core of this post. Well, no, I guess I just want everyone to get board shorts from the proper companies rather than posers.

Few is an up and coming surf brand that’s based in Virginia with roots in New Zealand. They produce all sorts of crazy art inspired lines that are different than other brands on the market. One particular pair of boardies caught my eye and I just had to share it with all of you. The Bunny Love shorts are the dopest things I’ve seen in a quite a while. Everyone else is all about camo and retro colors these days. Bunnies humping. All over the place. That’s funny AND awesome.

Few NZ