GeekBrief.TV #260

GBTV #260

Evolve Wireless Speakers are in the house and this is an unboxing and a review. I’ve been wanting? No! I’ve been begging for a speaker system like this for almost three years because it fits the way Neal and I want to consume audio content…specifically podcasts like Daily Source Code, This Week in Tech and The Dawn and Drew Show. Those are three shows we like to listen to at the same time while we’re doing other things in different parts of the house. Evolve not only makes that possible, but better than we imagined. My review isn’t 100 percent positive. I don’t like the remote because it has more buttons and fewer features than the Apple remote (I do love that it is RF, though). The audio quality isn’t going to satisfy hardcore audio geeks, but all in all, I’m 97% over the moon about the speakers.

Download here.