BFF Call for Help: 720p VS. 1080p The Rumble in the Television Jungle

Over the past couple months I’ve been shopping the Sunday paper and internet ads for a new LCD TV. Currently I have a 25″ Magnavox TV that I bought with paper route money in 1993. It has a single coax input. It’s time to get something new, I don’t watch a lot of TV, I haven’t had cable in 8 years, and I don’t play a lot of games (I have a PS1 and will school any kid at Parappa the Rappa). I’m not planning on getting any major cable package possibly just basic cable so PBS comes in a bit clearer for Rick Steve’s Europe.

Knowing this do I need to spend the extra money to go for the 1080p? Anything is going to be an improvement in picture quality for me. What are the benefits of 1080p over 720p? Is it worth the price difference?

Help me BFFs you’re my only hope.

Yours in Science,

Little Red Ryan Hood

Chairperson of the Matt Hickey fan club.