Canon 5D Mark II immenent, prepare laser cannons

Ho ho ho! All of you folks looking for the 5D Mark II might be pleasantly surprised to find out that Capture One added the camera to their website’s error reporting page, suggesting that someone had lunch with someone at Canon maybe like last week and that someone heard that other someone say “Yeah, don’t put the 5D Mark II on your site yet, dude. God. The waitress is smokin'” and the person from Capture One forgot to tell the web designer who was working from maybe Canon’s spring catalog and who just added the 5D Mark II and the guy who had lunch with the Canon guy is right now peeing himself and will yell at and fire the web designer later today, just in time for the holidays. The web designer, in turn, will go home and tell his/her sig. other that he/she’s been fired and there will be this quiet moment before the sig. other says “That job sucked anyway. [Guy who went to lunch with Canon guy] is a [flaming douche, or whatever gentle thing a woman might say in this situation, maybe like ‘jerk’]” and then guy at Capture One will stare idly out the window until 5 o’clock and go home, just like he does every day, and masturbate and eat frozen burritos.

Canon 5D Mark II Unofficially Official? [PhotographyBay via Giz]