Daddy, what is a BSOD?


Hello, children. Sit down please. There are three of you who didn’t get permission slips signed so you will have quiet study in the cafeteria. We’ll split you up into boys and girls and the boys will go in with Father Trenor and we’ll stay here, ladies. OK.

Thank you. You’re all in junior high now and old enough to be asking a number of questions. This is a time when we can all feel free to answer those questions about our bodies and the changes we’re going through. I have all of your questions here in this box and I’ll try to answer them all as thoroughly as I can. OK. Let’s start.

“What is a BSOD?” Ah. Excellent question. When a man loves a PC very much and starts installing strange software onto it, it causes the PC to become unstable. Sometimes this is is fine and nothing happens. Most software installs have a 95 percent effectiveness rate — remember, the only 100 percent safe way to compute is through abstinence — but sometimes something happens. That’s when Windows does a minidump, which is a small, easy to read file describing the problem. If you read the story in the package we presented you with at the end of this post, you’ll get some very cool information on how to read and handle minidumps all by yourself and even solve some major problems quickly and easily.

Now. The next question. “What is a dildo?”

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