RIM working the mobile touchscreen OS for Blackberry


Research In Motion has been reported as working on a next-generation OS for Blackberry’s mythical 9000 series. They’ve got a pretty fat list of improvements going on for the 9000s, in addition to the usual updates for the standard feature list. For example, they’re abandoning the half-and-half form factor and going with a single big touchscreen to compete directly with the iPhone and other very expensive, very cool phones. GPS location tracking, Wi-Fi, push email, and improved multimedia capabilities are also on the table for the rumored early 2008 release. Existing phones will not be forgotten, and will also be sporting some of the future-features. So if you like the feel of your Blackberry QWERTY, fear not – the 8000 series will still be whupping it up whether or not the 9000s take a bite out of the high-end smartphone market.

RIM’s Touching New Blackberry Plans [Unstrung]