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Report: broadband gridlock ‘like whoa’ by 2010


Time to hijack Intarweb 2 from those nerdlingers over in Academia. Why should they get all the ultrafast porn downloads all to themselves? We did it over 10 years ago, and we can do it again!

Gilded Age: People and their bright ideas for ‘Kindle 2.0′ are jumping the gun (and shark)

Julian Murdoch

I find the level of FUD being tossed around on Kindle to be astounding, given that the thing isn’t even in circulation yet (mine comes today). Consistent complaints – like the lack of memory stick support, audio, or the ability to get your own content on it without paying Amazon – are flat out wrong. This is a failing, I guess, of Amazon’s front-page bullet points for the thing, but certainly not of the device itself.

Will Boot Camp be the end of OS X apps?

Rob the Drummer

Would I be gay, then dress a girl up like a guy so I could bone both ways at the same time. …Maybe but I think that is outside the scope of this conversation.

Dunno. I don’t see people paying a PREMIUM for a solid Mac experience, then paying again for the Windows OS, then both copies of Office.

….wait, did I say paying (*snort*) I meant torrent…

SRSLY though, seems like a kludgy solution.